Axial Flow Fan

  • Axial Flow Fan: Made to order Industrial fans to provide ventilation and cooling for all types of Engineering and Ventilation projects. Fans are designed to handle large air volumes at high pressures.
  • Sizes: The Khaitan Axial Flow Fan covers a wide range from 380mm (15”) dia to 1220mm (48”) dia, handling air upto 70mm approximately.
  • Fan performance: All fans are tested to the latest IS-3588-1986 and on basis of the air duly specified, the most efficient fan is selected by consulting master chart of the performance curve.
  • Variety: The fans are available in single stage, 2 stage contra-rotating and multiple stages with the operation in higher temparatures, bifurcated fans are recomended.

Instructions for ordering:

  • Fan details- Always state motor frame size, also the volume and pressure required.
  • Operating Temp- State the operating temparature.
  • Electrical Supply- State circuit, frequency, phase and volts.
  • Type of motor- State whether you need totally enclosed or Flame proof
  • Type of casing: State casing required L-Type or S-Type for single storage or LC-Type for two stage Fans in one casing.
  • Special Features- State any special requirements.

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