Man Coolers

Special Features

  • Khaitan Mancoolers discharge powerful air streams providing effective velocities over a longer distance
  • Direction of air discharge can be adjusted over a wide angular range and can be instantly locked in position
  • The pedetal type Mancoolers have a swing 180° and vertical tilting angle 15°
  • The die cast aluminium impeller is aerodynamically designed to provide maximum air delivery
  • Totaly enclosed squirrel cage induction motor with Class-B insulation
  • Strong wire guard for safety

Application Areas

  • Industrial cooling of machines and generator
  • Factory shop floors, particularly those with heat generating machinery as in steel plants
  • Spot cooling of boiler shops, smeltiing areas of foundries and casting shops
  • Cold storages, where edible commodities and perishables are dries
  • Rubber processing plants for rubber drying

Khaitan Mancoolers - the perfect choice

The Khaitan Mancoolers, the most powerful fan available in its type, ensures more effective cooling.It increases productivity by providing a comfortable work environment for the workers.Available in 400mm, 600mm, 750mm, 900mm, and 1200mm sweeps.It is the perfect choise for your factory.

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