Founder Chairman



S K Khaitan

Founder, Khaitan Electricals Ltd.

15th December, 1939 - 4th November, 2012

Shree Krishna Khaitan made his surname the last name in fans. His vision, courage and innovative spirit made Khaitan a household name in India and even overseas. Born on 15th December, 1939 in Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan, Shree Krishna grew up to be one in a million, as if in answer to his mothers prayers when he was born. Business was in his blood. Which is why, at the young age of 16 he started a shop for food grains and other edibles in his village. He carried on his business successfully while doing his Intermediate in Commerce at Seth Motilal Inter College.

In June, 1958, he travelled to Kolkata to pursue his twin dreams of business and academics. He enrolled for early morning classes at City College and worked in a sugar mill, during the day. In 1960, Shree Krishna was inducted in trading of electrical fans. Later on to start a business ventures with his brother - S. Khaitan & Co. - selling fans in the wholesale market.

While selling reputed brands of fans from the showroom, Shree Krishna started marketing his own DC fan called Breezy. With its good looks, low price and better performance, Breezy made a significant impact on the fan market.

Thus was born a legend - Khaitan fans, captured the hearts of millions with sleek looks, low power consumption, hassle-free service and extended warranty. Shree Krishna introduced a number of firsts in the fan industry.

Shree Krishna formed Khaitan Electricals Ltd. in 1981. The Company was driven by his belief that if you spoil your reputation, you lose everything. He had given everything to his fans, including his surname and would not allow anything to tarnish that - whether in India or in the export market, where Khaitan was fast becoming a name to reckon with.

Shree Krishna also realized his long cherished dream to own a sugar mill when he turned around the fortunes of Ramnugger Cane & Sugar Co. Ltd in West Bengal. Shree Krishna was a philanthropist at heart. Long before Corporate Social Responsibility [CSR] became a buzzword, he would do his bit for social welfare of the distressed and the needy in the fields of healthcare and education. Durga Devi Khaitan Ladies Hospital in Jhunjhunu is a shining example of his philanthropy. He always extended a helping hand to those in need of financial assistance and was forever involved in initiatives like blood donation & eye check-up camps.

He has won many awards & accolades. Notable among them are the NIF NAYE Outstanding Entrepreneur Award and the NIA National Honour. He is also the recipient of Rajasthan Shri and National Integration Award.

Shree Krishna can be rightfully called the father of branded fans in India. He passed away in November, 2012, leaving behind a vast business empire. But his legend endures through his surname which finds pride of place on every Khaitan product.